Christmas stars are popular. Many children like to have big, colourful stars in their homes for Christmas.

Wise men and kings from the East came to worship Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:1-12). One tradition assumes there were three as three gifts are named; other traditions think there were 12 or even more.  According to one of the traditions they were Melchor, a Persian scholar, Gaspar, king from India and Balthazar, representative of the king of Arabia.

The wise men understood the movement and position of stars.  It was considered science at that time but was mixed with occult practice, hence the word ‘magic’.  Before the era of telescopes, planets, stars, supernovas, comets and meteors were all called with a generic term ‘stars’.  Those astronomers/astrologists tracked the position and timing of the stars when they were first visible.  “For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him” (Matt. 2:2). God in His Sovereign power and authority used the Magi’s superficial, superstitious and frankly stupid faith to reveal His marvellous work of incarnation.

The journey could have been a month long. The scribes and other leaders could not walk three hours from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to worship the King, but the Magi risked their lives and travelled huge distances to worship the King of Kings.

God uses insignificant and unlikely things and people to draw people to Himself.  Let us pray that God may use us too.  May all kings bow down and worship him (Psalms 72:11). Are you a star used by God to lead people into righteousness?  (Daniel 12:3)

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Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

by Rev. Dr J.N. Manokaran